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‘Employees first, customers second’, says HCL Technologies’ global HRD

Global IT company HCL Technologies has made the controversial decision to announce 'Employees first' on its website homepage, rather than customers first.

HCL, which employs 88,800 staff worldwide and 3,852 in the UK, has launched the strategy in a bid to drive growth and customer service.

Speaking exclusively to HR, HCL's global HR director Prithi Shergill (pictured), said: "It is about ensuring we are transparent. This is the best way of building trust with clients and employees.

"The role of leaders is not to manage employees. We trust [staff] to make the right decisions for the company and for clients. We encourage employees to find ideas and grow the business."

This is not an HR initiative but a business strategy, he explained: "Clients can see the accountability and how it is positive for them."