Employee dismissed for answering the call of nature in public loses his case in tribunal

A van driver who lost his job when he was spotted urinating on the side of his van, has lost his claim for unfair dismissal.

According to BBC reports, Colin Woods lost his appeal after an employment tribunal ruled his employer, Home Delivery Network, had taken a ‘reasonable response' to dismiss him for such ‘serious misconduct'.

The driver was caught in the act last December by a local resident in Kircaldy Scotland and, when his employers searched his vehicle, they found a bottle of what they believed was urine although Woods claimed it was Irn Bru.

The tribunal said: "Such an action is clearly serious misconduct on the part of an employee as well as probably being a criminal offence.

"Any reasonable individual must know that he should not urinate in a public place in broad daylight in a built-up area.

"In the circumstances, the tribunal are satisfied that the company were within the band of reasonable responses in deciding to dismiss Mr Woods."