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Economic growth and public-sector reform must be the new government's priority, says the REC

As talks between the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties continue this morning, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has called on the new government to focus on economic growth, public-sector reform and protecting the UK`s flexible jobs market.

Commenting on the post-election outlook, Kevin Green, the REC's chief executive, said: "Whoever forms the next government must deliver the right economic climate for business to create the prosperity and jobs our country needs. The other immediate priority is to reduce the deficit but the new government must focus on reforming public services rather than making short-term cuts. We need a well-executed programme of productivity improvement and innovation in the delivery of critical public services."

The REC's immediate post-election priority is to work with its members to promote to new MPs the messages included in the REC manifesto. Commenting on this latest campaign, Green added: "The political 'twilight zone' of a hung parliament is likely to delay some of our priorities such as the official guidance and potential review of the Agency Workers Regulations. However, we can begin to get our messages across to incoming MPs and promote the positive role that our industry plays in constituencies across the UK.

"Recruiters can make a real difference over the coming weeks; the voice of the industry must be at the heart of the debates on jobs, regulation and economic growth."