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41% of workers expect a pay rise this year

There was a divide in expectations along gender lines, with men more confident of a raise than women

Four out of 10 (41%) UK workers are expecting a pay rise within the next 12 months, according to workplace transparency website Glassdoor.

The Glassdoor UK Employment Confidence Survey found that 40% of UK employees expect the outlook for their company to improve in the next six months – a new high since the survey began in 2014. Less than one in 10 (13%) workers believe things will get worse at their company in the next six months.

However, just over a quarter of employees (26%) said they were concerned they will be made redundant over the next six months, up from 21% when the survey started.

Approximately one in three (34%) believe that if they were made redundant they would be able to find a new job that matches their skills and experience within the next six months, up two percentage points on the previous quarter. Of those currently unemployed, 38% think they will find a job over the next six months, up eight percentage points on the previous quarter.

The research found that confidence differed by gender: only 35% of female employees, compared with 46% of male employees, were confident of a pay rise. More men (42%) anticipated their company outlook to improve than women (37%).

Jon Ingham, Glassdoor's jobs and workplace expert, said that while it is encouraging that women are feeling more positive about both their prospects and their company's outlook, organisations must not forget that female staff are lagging behind when it comes to expectations of a pay rise. “With the gender pay gap high on the agenda for so many people confidence among women is a key factor, which might mean they won’t push for a better compensation package,” he said.

“This is a wake-up call for employees and employers to act for a fairer workplace. Greater transparency around pay and sharing salaries internally will help all workers benchmark their pay and understand their market value.”