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A third of employees expect pay rise within a year

Optimism about the economic recovery is fostering expectations of better pay, a Glassdoor survey of 2,146 employees has found.

The study found 34% of employees expected an increase in pay over the next year. Men (42%) are more optimistic than women (24%) about receiving higher salaries.

People in the east of England (43%) are the most positive about pay rises, with Londoners (24%) the most pessimistic. Youngers workers, 25- to 34-years-old, are the age group who expect the most increases, with 38% saying they believe their wages will go up. 

A third of employees (34%) believe their employers' financial position will improve in the next year. Almost half (48%) indicated their companies have awarded them new benefits over the past six months and 13% said existing benefits had been stripped. 

Along with expectations on pay, many employees are confident of being re-hired if they lose their current jobs. Only 21% are concerned about the possibility of being made redundant in the next 12 months. Thirty percent are confident they would find a new role within six months if this did happen. 

Glassdoor senior team communications manager Joe Wiggins told HR magazine employers need to be wary of their workforce finding roles elsewhere. "The raised salary expectations, combined with the idea they can find work relatively easily, means many may be looking to move in the near future," he said. 

Wiggins put the high salary expectations down to a combination of internal and external factors. "If people see stories about the financial recovery on the news, as well as seeing improvements in the workplace, they're going to think in terms of their own financial rewards," he said.