The Gen X effect: what a new generation of leaders means for business

As baby boomers have continued to retire in greater numbers, Gen Xers have been put in the driver’s seat in the C-suite and as board members, bringing with them a new perspective on what it means to be an ethical leader.

In fact, 68% of CEOs in both Fortune 500 companies and Ic.500 companies were Gen Xers as of 2018.

In a world where business is reckoning with issues like climate change, racial inequities, and gender bias, the workplace needs to reflect this change in its leadership.

Organisations now need to rally around the cultural growth opportunities that a new generation of leadership brings and continue to develop ethical and social values which can help with engagement and retention.

This HR Lunchtime Debate will seek to find out what impact generational change will have on the c-suite, and the rest of the organisation.

Speakers will discuss:
• What values and leadership styles Gen X are likely to have and their influence on culture change
• How HR can help support and redefine behaviour standards for the future of work, with a key focus on CSR and ESG promises
• Mapping ESG and CSR performance and DEI initiatives with HR technology

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