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How to create exciting job offers which really impress

You’ve got the job. So why is the job offer just a dull PDF?

This is the job you really wanted. You’ve been through the interview process. Tricky, but nothing you couldn’t handle, and it has made you realise even more that this really is the job for you. You even liked your new boss, and they liked you, too. 

So imagine your disappointment when an anonymous looking email drops into your letter box with the job offer. Half a dozen attachments for you to download, sign and return.

You’re really ready to go, and this is what they send you? You have to work through the documents, one by one. It’s dull, and while formal and compliant, it isn’t at all impressive – and certainly a let-down after all the effort the company put into trying to get you on board in the first place.    

Now image this: a bright, buzzy and branded interactive pack. This arrives and looks promising even before you open it. It can be viewed on any device you choose - from your mobile to a tablet or laptop.

You don't need any special app or software. Simply open it and you’re off on the first adventure of your new career.

It contains a whole range of vital information for the new starter - from a video message from your new boss to detailed information about what to expect on the first day.

It even offer a chance for the candidate to give feedback which will be used help improve future packs - together with analytics which HR can view to ensure that all the key documents have been seen and signed.

It's all personalised just for the new joiner - and creates a really positive, impressive welcome. They now feel excited and ready to go.  Not one dull PDF to download or sign.

What's more, all this can be created easily, simply and quickly by anyone in the HR team.

There is no need for creative design or IT skills. The whole thing utilises simple templates so you can build a pack which contains just what you need, including everything from welcome videos to vital personalised documentation.

No more time wasted by both sides in downloading files. So time saved for candidate and HR. But best of all, your new team member is now impressed and looking forward to their first day with enthusiasm and commitment.

Now isn’t that how it should always be? 

So what are you waiting for? To find out just how you too can set the bar high when it comes to making a job offer that will really impress rather than distress click here now.


Henry Weston is CEO and founder of Page Tiger

Page Tiger software is used by many of the world’s leading brands to create interactive documents that better engage and communicate with their employees.