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Why finding days to delight really matters

Hybrid working is here to stay. So finding ways to keep your teams together is still vital. And what better way to do that than celebrating with a shared meal?

The Jubilee street parties are over, the bunting is packed away, and we’ve enjoyed our Platinum Jubilee trifle. It’s all evidence that many people really enjoy a good celebration. It’s not just Royal occasions, either. A quick online search reveals that there are dozens of other reasons to enjoy a treat – from National Wine and Cheese Day to August’s National Bakewell Tart Day.

Why does this matter? Especially to those of us working in HR?

Though we are seeing some return to the office, hybrid working is here to stay. So while some of us can see our colleagues once again at the mythical water cooler, many others are still mixing the office with days working from home to one degree or another.

There are good and bad sides to this, not least the need to find ways to switch off when your home is also your place of work. So, as in lockdown, we still need moments when we can share some time together, moments when we can relax, stop looking at our emails, and simply share some celebratory downtime with our teams – wherever they may be. 

This is where those celebratory days – and Uber for Business come in.

After all, it's not all built around wine, cheese and Bakewell tarts. Many have a more serious intention – those created around the awareness of important healthcare messages, like May’s Mental Health Awareness Week

But whatever the intention of these days and weeks, they offer us a wonderful excuse to gather together, online or offline, do some sharing and create a relaxed platform to discuss those important awareness topics.

Many people might find the idea of an International Chicken Wing Day funny, but if we’re looking to unwind, to enjoy ourselves as a team, then what better way to do that, and get the conversation going, than over a shared meal together to mark a day which has an amusing– or even serious – intention behind it.

With Uber for Business, we provide the means to make those celebrations more engaging with our global platform for managing rides, meals, and local deliveries for companies of any size.

So whether you’re having a virtual lunch to celebrate remote working Fridays, delivering food for the team when they’re working late, or sending Uber vouchers for teams to share with friends and family on a bank holiday weekend, we provide a solution that’s easy to manage.

Food brings us together – Uber makes it happen 

Sounds like a great idea? Or are you thinking – not another thing for HR to add to its ‘to do’ list. Well, these things don’t have to be complicated. At Uber for Business, we can lift those complications from your shoulders.

We make it all easy for you to set up your account, with our easy to use online dashboard, 24/7 support, and simple invoicing – you only pay for the vouchers you use – and it’s all completely paperless. You can control every element of the process from your own desk. 

Getting everyone to agree on a physical restaurant can be tricky. Not only are our employees likely to be more spread out geographically, but they’re also more diverse.

With access to 700,000 restaurant partners across the globe on Uber Eats, this won’t be a problem. Enjoy the flexibility of offering a wide range of food choices. Whatever the dietary needs – be those from Halal to vegan options – we’ve got it covered.

You choose the celebration – we deliver the delight  

Regardless of what your organisation builds a celebration around, from World Ice Cream Day to National Eye Health Week, Uber for Business can bring your team together.

Helping you help them, by creating moments which truly delight and surprise – but also motivate, improve employee wellbeing, and engage everyone. Food is not just a way to celebrate, but a way to engage and retain happier, healthier employees. 

Togetherness, awareness and food. In this hybrid world, we think it’s a winning combination. 

Get started with Uber for Business 

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