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How can HR avoid burn out?

The job of HR is becoming more stressful than ever.

Many people leaders feel that there are too many demands on their time at work, and the pace of change in HR today is faster than during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, research suggests.

Yet job satisfaction remains high: most HR leaders (98%) enjoy their job, and they actively want to make a difference in their organisations. So, how can we balance productivity with self care?

This webinar, in partnership with Sage, will examine recent research and trends, as well as offer tips on how to balance the productivity problem.

It will explore:

• The ways in which HR is changing: are we focussing more on processes than people?
• What wellbeing strategy looks like; and
• Whether AI can help or hinder productivity.

Take part in this HR Lunchtime Debate live on Tuesday 21 May at 12:30pm by signing up here.

If you’re not free at the time, remember all our webinars are available on demand so you can catch up at time to suit you.