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How to succeed in HR: HRDs' top tips

Three HR professionals share their top career tips

Gillian Morris, global head of talent management, Jaguar Land Rover

  1. Pursue a career you’re passionate about – by connecting your career with your passions you’ll enjoy your work and be excited by the opportunities it presents.
  2. Don’t be afraid to take risks early on and accept roles where you think you’re only 70% ready. This will really grow and stretch you professionally
  3. Make time to network and build strong relationships. You’ll be remembered for how you made people feel as much as the objectives you achieve

Miranda Burgum, head of people and development, GAIL’s Bakery

  1. Nothing is impossible. Have a goal and surround yourself with great people who will support and encourage you
  2. Be honest. There are times when others will know better than you, and that’s ok
  3. Don’t always follow the status quo. Think big, think better, think smarter, challenge, and ask: what is really needed here to make a difference?

Sally Bucknell, Director of diversity and inclusiveness, UK&I, EY

  1. Don’t get fixed on a linear path. Spending time overseas built my confidence in my ability to lead and influence in different environments
  2. Pay attention to all areas of your life. If you want to commit time to hobbies, projects, family, whatever, then be clear about what working arrangements you’re looking for and what you’ll deliver in return
  3. Pay it back. Start mentoring and sponsoring others as soon as you can. Choose someone who is different to you then you can learn a lot in return