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How to succeed in HR: HRDs' top tips

Three HR professionals share their top career tips

Kim Wylie, global director of people development, Farfetch

1. Get out of your comfort zone and do things that scare you. I wouldn’t be where

I am today if I’d

taken the safe or comfortable options.

2. Surround yourself with good people, treat others with respect and kindness, and bring passion and energy to what you do. This will be reflected back at you.

3. Be authentically you. It took me a little bit longer to work this one out. Bring your whole self to work and don’t stress about not being perfect; no-one is and the people who pretend to be are usually pretty boring.

Mandeep Dhatt, HR director, McLaren Automotive

1. Don’t bullshit, you will get found out.

2. Be human. I’ve come across so many HR professionals that forget they’re about the human in an organisation.

3. Be a rounded business person. You’ll add much more value if you understand the finances, the commercials and the operations of a business.

Steve Rockey, people director, Home Grown Hotels and Lime Wood Group

1. Don’t think too far ahead. Grab the next great opportunity that comes your way fully – you can only deal with the here and now so don’t stress about the future too much.

2. If you work somewhere that goes against your personal values you’ve got to leave. If we don’t fully embrace the ethos of our business then we have no business being there.

3. Accept that you will screw stuff up. Own your mistakes and don’t play the blame game. Reflect on the learning from them; as they are your best motivation and the best thing to help you land your next role.