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How to succeed in HR: HRDs' top tips

?Three HR professionals share their top career tips

Andy Moat, director of human resources, Screwfix

1) The key to being successful in business is all about healthy relationships. Wherever I’ve struggled it’s been a problem with the relationship. Healthy doesn’t mean easy. It means you can have open, honest, challenging conversations.

2) You’ve got to be good at listening to understand why something is the way it is. It’s a recipe you can follow time and time again.

3) The HR profession apologises for itself a bit too much. I’ve always felt a fierce pride in being in HR. I say to my team ‘we’re going to be the best team in the business’. Why wouldn’t we be?

Ros Hardiman, director of human resources, Kew Green Hotels

1) Keep an open mind and don’t limit your career options too early. It took me a while to find my HR career path but this meant I learnt about other business functions, teamwork and leadership first.

2) Don’t listen to people who tell you hospitality is a second-rate career choice that only offers long hours and low pay. It’s a fantastic industry that is constantly evolving.

3) To be a credible HR professional you need to pinpoint what will make the difference in your organisation by understanding the culture, business purpose and key challenges. Identify problems before presenting solutions and back these up with meaningful data.

Lisa Hillier, chief people officer, Just Eat

1) Always be true to yourself and stay grounded – authenticity is hugely important.

2) Be curious, ask questions and build a deep understanding of your business. Context is critical.

3) Know your brief, work at pace and deliver great work all of the time.