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How to succeed in HR: HRDs' top tips

Three HR professionals share their top career tips

James Miller, chief people officer, GBG

1. Take different roles and project-based opportunities, which complement rather than duplicate your experience.

2. Bring your full self to work and encourage others to share their personal experiences – diversity strengthens any workplace.

3. Try voluntary work to gain skills and experience in areas you want to develop, or that stretch you out of your comfort zone. It will make you look at your day job differently.

Carolyn Moore, director of HR and corporate services, Future Cities Catapult

1. The world of work is ever-changing and evolving, so it’s vitally important that we as HR professionals keep up with current ideas, research and thinking.

2. We need to be enablers of change. It’s important we focus on building work environments that are change-resilient and support the changes that enable business sustainability.

3. Talk the same language as the business. We need to understand the operations and be embedded in the business to implement an effective people strategy.

James Saville, director of HR, University of Edinburgh

1. Futureproof yourself and make people want your skills. Build skills like digital, data analytics, project management and gain experience in a range of sectors or functions.

2. Say ‘yes’ to projects, new experiences, test yourself and keep a log of the value to you and the organisation. Enjoy the ride even if it’s a bit wild.

3. Be clear about your personal offering and review if you genuinely have several years’ experience or just one year’s experience repeated several times. If you don’t own your career, why should anyone else?