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How to succeed in HR: HRDs' top tips

Three HR professionals share their top career tips

Stephen Moir, executive director of resources, The City of Edinburgh Council

1) Always be curious and prepared to learn – I’m still learning the job I’m doing now.

2) Don’t be afraid to volunteer for things outside of your comfort zone. It can do HR people good to be involved in functions outside of HR.

3) Always have a fantastic team to work with. When you get to a management role appoint smarter and better people than you – seeing your team succeed is one of the most pleasing things.

Clare Martin, group HR director, Jardine Motors

1) Get a job while in education. I think being at work, even if it’s not the career you want to end up in, is so important. It helps you to develop interpersonal skills really early on, and helped me to develop into a confident person at an early age.

2) Learn the commercial side of HR. Really learn your stuff about business. It gives you an edge in interviews if you can understand all the jargon from CEOs, and marks you as an all-rounder.

3) Challenge yourself. As I’ve matured each job has been less about the title and more about what I could learn from each of them. That way your career keeps growing.

Elizabeth Cowper, VP HR, Tapestry Europe and Coach International

1) Push yourself out of your comfort zone. When asked to take on something new, say yes! By stretching yourself you will learn and grow in your career.

2) Have a voice. Ask questions, have an opinion, and be bold in speaking up.

3) Be genuine. Know your strengths, know your weaknesses, and ultimately be authentic.