A true partnership approach to HR & Payroll software and outsourced services

Established in 1981, Cintra HR & Payroll Services are an HMRC and BACS accredited provider of HR & Payroll Software and Outsourced payroll Bureau Services. Our clients range from small bureau payrolls, to large multi-site integrated HR & payroll solutions with up to 10,000 employees. In addition, our first ever client is still with us today, all of our Bureau staff are IPP (Institute of Payroll Professionals) qualified and in recent surveys, over 97% of our clients said they would happily recommend us to a prospective client looking to source and procure the services of a first class HR & Payroll Software, or outsourced payroll bureau service provider.


Our Approach

The key question when choosing a HR or Payroll Solution is, though, will it work for my business? The answer lies in our personal approach. We understand that organisations differ, not only by market sector, but individually, in terms of goals, strategies and, crucially, of resources.

What makes Cintra different is that we take the time to understand your requirements in detail and to talk through with you, before agreeing a sale, exactly how those requirements are to be met. This involves software configuration, of course, but also appropriate training, planning resource allocation, on both sides, and agreeing, in advance, an implementation plan that works. Investment in these systems is often substantial, not only financially, but also in staff time and commitment. The benefits can also be substantial. As your business partner we commit to delivering those benefits.

Summary of product and services

  • Integrated HR & Payroll
  • Fully scalable In-House and Hosted HR Software.
  • In-House and Hosted Payroll Software.
  • Traditional Managed Bureau Payroll Service.
  • Online and Managed Online Payroll Solutions.
  • MyCintra online employee self-service payslips
  • Cintra Phoenix remote back-up and disaster recover solution (in-house payroll clients only)
  • Automatic Import/Exports to & from 3rd Party T&A or Accounts systems via custom built interfaces.
  • Option to outsource Payslip Print & Seal, BACS submissions and P60 production.

N.B. Our HR & Payroll solutions come with comprehensive and easy to use built-in report writing functionality as standard.

Why Choose Cintra

We at CINTRA understand that our clients have a choice and when you choose CINTRA as your payroll or HR provider, we aim to ensure that your decision will be the best business decision you will ever make.

With this in mind, we never look to close a sale - we look to begin a relationship and here are just a few reasons why you should consider choosing us as your HR and/or payroll provider;

Continuity of ownership

Despite numerous and regular unsolicited offers to buy the company from bigger competitors, we have only ever been owned by the same 2 people that own us today and we are fiercely committed to remaining independent.

Flexible solutions

One of the main advantages of a Cintra solution is its flexibility. You can have a single database HR & Payroll solution, or in-house or hosted HR with an outsourced payroll solution. We also have a couple of innovative hybrid payroll solutions which offer full or part input, or read-only access.

Also, if your circumstances change, like you were to expand or contract in the future, you changed your payroll processing strategy, or heaven forbid you were to have a people or infrastructure disaster, we can quickly switch you from Cintra payroll solution to another with minimal fuss and with no loss of payroll history.

What this means in reality is that you can change your payroll solution without the upheaval of having to change your payroll provider.  

Named contacts

If you were to choose a Cintra Bureau or Managed Online payroll, upon placement of your order, you would be allocated a named primary point of contact who would be responsible for the day-to-day management of your payroll. You would also be given a named secondary point of contact who would be responsible for handling your payroll, in the event that your primary contact was not available for whatever reason.

Staff tenure and loyalty

We enjoy tremendous staff tenure and loyalty within all departments. What this means to you as a Cintra client, is that if you ring us in a year or two time, the chances are that you will speak to the same person you do today, or did 2 or 3 years ago.  What it also means is that over time, we will build an excellent understanding of your people and payroll.

No voicemails anywhere in the company

Last, but not least, whenever you call Cintra with a question or a problem, you will always get to speak to real person, not a machine. In the unlikely event that no-one is available to handle your query you will be given an indication by a real person how long it will be before one of our support team gets back to you, given the nature and urgency of your call.

Customer Driven Development

If at any stage you identify a piece of functionality that you would find beneficial, or would like to see in our products or services, just let your payroll or HR support person know and your request will be logged into our CRMS (Change Request Management System). If your request is a popular one, or one that we think that is of particular value or importance, there's a good chance that it will come to the top of our development program, and will find it's way into future releases of our products. 

In short, we offer a level of service and commitment to our clients, which is unmatched anywhere else in the UK Payroll and HR industry.

For more information visit http://www.cintra.co.uk