Psysoft - Assessment, Development and Psychometric Training

Psysoft works in partnership with organisations to help them recruit, retain and develop talented people. As an independent business psychology consultancy, we help you to identify the skills, abilities and personality characteristics necessary for each job, and then assess candidates using a range of quality assessment methods. We also deliver training courses in psychometric testing providing eligibility for the British Psychological Society (BPS) Certificate of Competence in Occupational Testing Level A and B.


Psysoft will manage your assessment projects, no matter how large or small. From testing a few candidates online to designing and running your assessment centres, we are happy to work with you to provide whatever assessment service you require.  With many years' experience using the highest quality assessment methods available, we follow best practice to ensure the best people are recruited for each job.

Psychometric Training

For organisations who want to be self-sufficient and undertake their own psychometric assessment, we offer training in psychometric testing which provides eligibility for the British Psychological Society (BPS) Certificate of Competence in Occupational Testing Level A and Level B.

The Level A course provides you with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to conduct psychometric tests fairly and effectively in organisations.

The Level B course introduces you to the area of personality theory, assessment and interpretation.  It qualifies delegates to use the NEO PI-R personality inventory and provides fascinating insights into people's personality, and their likely behaviour in the workplace.

Our courses cover the following areas:

  • Theory of Psychometric Testing & Personality Assessment
  • How to Select the most appropriate Tests for a specific purpose
  • Test Administration & Scoring
  • Test Reliability & Sources of Error
  • The Validity of Psychometric Tests - Measuring the Utility of Testing
  • Understanding Personality Assessment
  • Interpretation of the NEO PI-R Personality inventory
  • Using the NEO PI-R for Recruitment and People Development
  • Feeding Back Ability and Personality Tests
  • Best Practice, Diversity and Fair Selection

In-House Courses

We specialise in running in-house courses covering Level A and B separately or together for any number of delegates anywhere in UK.  We will develop a tailored programme fitting in with your preferences in terms of location, content, length and times.

If you are looking for Level A and/or Level B training for any number of people, however few or many, please contact us to see how we can meet your exact needs.

For further details, please contact us:


telephone: 01403 295000