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Regular payroll updates for HR professionals

Since 1985, the Institute of Payroll Professionals (IPP) has been providing our members with regular updates on developments and changes in legislation and technology specific to payroll.

We currently have approximately 5,500 members and students all responsible for the payroll operation in their organisation, whether they run it on a day to day basis, or simply manage the function and need an overview and understanding of how the department and process functions.

Benefits to members

The IPP is the only professional body dedicated to payroll professionals in the UK, and our policy team are represented at over 60 government consultation forums.  This representation means that we know what changes are being discussed before other organisations, and can obtain members feedback on proposed changes to influence legislation which affect payroll.

It also enables us to provide our members with a weekly email update on the changes that are coming through, this email also acts as a tool for members to ask the advice of other professionals on particular challenges that they are facing.  The IPP also produces a membership magazine entitled PayrollProfessional, which features updates on industry news, case studies and tips on how to introduce changes to payroll which will make the process run smoother and comply with government legislation.

Members of the IPP are also able to attend regular events free of charge, including our popular member forums and National Meeting.  These events are great for networking, as well as giving informative sessions on developments within the industry and how that impacts on the payroll function.

Learning and development opportunities

As well as the benefits to our members, the IPP offers professional training and qualifications to all payroll professionals, and the IPP's Foundation Degree in Payroll Management is increasingly being asked for by employers looking to recruit payroll staff.

Whether you are new to payroll, have been in the industry for a number of years, of just need an overview the IPP will have a learning opportunity suitable for you.

For more information about the IPP and the products and services we provide, contact us via one of the following and quote reference HRINDEX10:

T: 0121 712 1000

E: info@payrollprofession.org