Have we lost the case for responsible leadership?

No one wants to return to the crisis conditions the world faced three years ago but, as we learn to live with Covid, there is a danger that leaders might lose some of their appetite for change. I...

How to spot a toxic leader

Allegations of toxic leadership are never far from the headlines. Whether it’s politicians bullying colleagues or senior corporate executives creating a negative culture, no organisation is immune...

Lessons from the C-Suite: Stephen Moir, CEO of Cambridgeshire County Council

The CEO of Cambridgeshire County Council offers his leadership tips and his view of HR at the top.


The Gen X effect: what a new generation of leaders means for business

As baby boomers have continued to retire in greater numbers, Gen Xers have been put in the driver’s seat in the C-suite and as board members, bringing with them a new perspective on what it means to...

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Six ways to engage employees to help drive their development

Directly linked to motivation and retention, employee development tools can empower employees to take charge of their own training and supercharge their performance. But first, they need to engage...

Business leaders need to get back to basics and focus on their people strategies

The HR profession has certainly taken huge strides forward over the past few decades, shifting from what was once referred to as ‘personnel’ and perceived as simply processing sickness absence and...

Toxic resilience and how to avoid it

Building resilience among senior executives is a global imperative. Countless think pieces talk about how it is a key characteristic and predictor of success for high performing leaders. 

Hot Topic: are buzzwords like 'quiet quitting' harming the workplace?

Understanding the line between preparation and scaremongering can be a challenge. The current recession, for example, was discussed long before it arrived, with HR left to figure out when best to...

Performance benefits and surprising insights from a strengths-based focus

Strengths-based development is becoming an important resource in HR's toolbox as organisations seek enhanced performance from their complex hybrid work arrangements and hard-pressed management teams.

Why you’ll hear ‘mutuality’ a lot this year

Everyone loves a game of boardroom bingo and we all know a middle manager who spouts corporate cliches to cover up the fact that they have no ideas of their own.

Knowing when to step down as a leader

Jacinda Arden has announced she is stepping down as prime minister of New Zealand, leaving us with powerful words on leadership: “I hope I leave behind a belief that you can be kind but strong,...

Is The Apprentice setting a precedent for negative business leadership?

The Apprentice has returned to BBC One with 18 new candidates thrown into the limelight first flying to Antigua to sell excursions to tourists and then turning their hands to bao buns.