Half of UK bosses in favour of home worker monitoring to improve wellbeing

A CIPD survey has revealed 55% of UK bosses agree that it is acceptable to collect information on regular home workers in the interests of wellbeing.

Five lessons from Unleash World 2022

With industry experts discussing topics ranging from data and AI to employee experience and the future of work, the Unleash World 2022 HR conference provided deep insight into the HR profession.

Employee development: share your views for a chance to win £200 Amazon vouchers

HR understands the importance of employee development as one of the main drivers of employee engagement.

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Virgin among first companies providing paid carer and neonatal leave

Virgin Media O2 has rolled out enhanced employee wellbeing initiatives, becoming one of the first UK companies to offer both paid neonatal and paid carer's leave to workers.

Tackling the cause of quiet quitting

Everyone is talking about quiet quitting. While the phrase sounds like it’s referring to someone subtly handing in their notice, it actually describes a growing rebellion against the hustle culture of...

Monitoring remote employees: will it push people back to the office?

Reports have revealed that the Cabinet Office is monitoring staff computers and wifi logins in a bid to persuade them to return to the office, and it may lead other employers to think that they can...

HR responsibilities during a mourning period

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, businesses face the task of navigating a UK-wide mourning period.

Cost of living crisis creates side hustle spike

One in five Brits (19%) have started a side hustle, i.e. a job or venture outside of their usual work, since March 2020 in moves potentially fuelled by the rising cost of living.

Virgin Atlantic repeals tattoo ban for cabin crew

Virgin Atlantic lifted its ban on cabin crew displaying their tattoos at work last week, becoming the first airline to do. Will we see more tattoos on show in the workplace of the future?

Setting expectations rather than managing performance

It’s been some time since many organisations revisited the value of performance management processes and experimented with different solutions to try to move away from the process and create a more...

Brewdog's James Watt: Why I gave away £100m to my staff

When we announced we were giving away nearly £100 million of my own shares in Brewdog, the response was overwhelming. At our Ellon headquarters and brewery people were stunned when they heard the...

Anti-hustle culture: why employees are prioritising lifestyle over ambitions

A recent Twitter thread from strategic researcher Victoria Buchanan examined a growing trend among young people on social media toward anti-ambition and sharing content that rejects so-called hustle...