HR struggles with efficiency as function evolves

Only 9% of HR leaders say their HR function is both highly efficient and highly aligned to their organisation’s needs, according to management consultancy Gartner.

Can you watch the women’s World Cup at work?

Acas has released guidance for employers ahead of the Lionesses semi-final against Australia today (16 August).

Does your organisation need dedicated health and wellbeing roles?

As workplaces expand the scope of their health and wellbeing strategies there has been a rise in roles dedicated to taking care of specific aspects of them, including as fertility officers and mental...

How I got here: Syreeta Brown, Virgin Money

Syreeta Brown, group chief people and communications officer at Virgin Money Group, shares her career journey and top leadership tips.


How Bupa empowers employee climate action

Healthcare provider Bupa has acted on its sustainability agenda by matching staff with entrepreneurs to create new products that tackle the climate crisis.

How to reconcile older worker needs with the digitalisation of workplaces

In the UK, as in much of western Europe, we are living in an increasingly ageing society, with improvements in health and medical technology enabling us to live longer, healthier lives.

Better people experience design will improve your organisation's performance

People experience (PX) and people engagement are often used interchangeably but they are not the same thing and understanding the difference is very important for people leaders when deciding where to...

Five ways to boost your benefits strategy

It’s never been tougher to find new talent, which makes retaining your existing talent even more crucial.

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Return to the office: what employers are doing to incentivise in-office work

Google, Meta, Salesforce, Amazon and Disney have all asked employees to return to the office in recent weeks, backtracking on formerly more flexible hybrid work policies.

How employers can support employees at different levels of engagement

According to Reward Gateway’s latest research, 24% of UK employees are no longer going above and beyond their specific responsibilities or schedule.

Adult career guidance could end skills shortage, report says

A new paper from employment advisory ReWAGE has argued adult career guidance could improve the UK’s skills shortage and improve employment rates.

Employee development: how to ensure it delivers for everyone

Diversity is good for business. So how do you ensure that your employee development programmes deliver the right opportunities for every employee?

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