Remote working putting team cohesion at risk, study finds

The bond between team members, trust and information sharing have come out as the top three areas most at risk by remote working.

A toast to the most convivial at Pernod Ricard

The drinks within Pernod Ricard’s portfolio have been a fundamental part of sharing happy moments together for years.

HR needs to consider how employees will readjust to working together again

HR should already be thinking about how it will help employees bounce back and readjust to working together again, according to former cabinet minister Justine Greening.

HR expertise at the very top: Does it matter?

Research shows that CEOs appreciate the value of HR, despite there being little proof that having HR people on the board improves business success

FTSE companies urged to appoint more women on boards

The Hampton-Alexander Review finds that, while progress has been made by some, five FTSE 350 firms still have all-male boards

FTSE 100 CEO pay rises by 11% in a year

CEO reward increases outstrip pay rises for the wider workforce, fuelling questions over fairness and governance in Britain’s businesses

SME leaders facing burnout

SMEs are close to breaking point because of an 'always-on culture', research from Advanced has found

PwC to ban all-male shortlists

PwC has banned all-male shortlists for jobs in the UK, in an attempt to boost the number of women in senior roles

Dame Morrissey: Gender equality at work in a "halfway house"

Organisations must move beyond issues surrounding mothers to address their cultures, according to Helena Morrissey

Employers fail to give financial guidance

Businesses worry about getting too involved with the financial lives of staff and the costs of doing so

HR managers most likely to take time off because of stress

Employees feel under-valued and pressurised, with many using alcohol and drugs to ‘unwind’ at the end of the day

Hierarchical cultures stifle innovation, say experts

?HR must steer away from hierarchical work cultures to survive uncertain times, according to director of learning at the Corporate Research Forum (CRF) Nick Holley