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Dispelling myths of neurodiversity in the workplace

The neurodiversity awareness movement has been in full swing for a few years now, and has revolutionised our understanding of individual differences at work.

Labour’s first 100 days: What HR wants from DEI

The UK's new government should be ambitious about closing gender pay gaps, changing negative perceptions and revising the rhetoric on diversity initiatives, our HR commentators have said.

How Labour can solve the skills crisis

Following the Labour Party's election win, we asked HR how the new government can solve the UK's skills crisis.

Should the UK adopt an out-of-hours work ban?

Keir Starmer’s government may introduce a ‘right to switch off’, as part of its ‘new deal for workers’. But is banning employers from contacting staff out of hours the right approach?

The EU AI Act: Will UK employers be affected?

The European Union's Artificial Intelligence Act (EU AI Act) has been passed and will come into force on a phased basis over the next two-to-three years. It represents a landmark legislative effort to...

UK firms' recruitment strategies fail to diversify workforce

Two thirds (67%) of chief HR officers (CHROs) and chief people officers (CPOs) claimed that they thought their recruitment strategy worked well. But leaders also felt that they were falling behind on...

Dismissed for calling homosexuality "sinful," social worker vows to appeal

A Christian social worker, Felix Ngole, has vowed to appeal a tribunal’s decision that he was not discriminated against when he had his job offer retracted. The retraction came after Ngole's employer...

How to better support women at work

Employers can propel efforts to close the UK’s gender health gap. But they must act now.

New safeguarding guidance launched by standards body

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has released a new standard to help employers safeguard employees.

How to deal with the complexities of 'human' organisations

You may have noticed that organisations have started to include a reference to ‘human’ in some aspect of their culture, strategy or branding. Why?

Three reasons why interim leaders can help HR drive change out of a crisis 

Following a series of leadership departures and absences, the Post Office has decided to make short-term hires in key positions. Why?

Can you take time off work for hay fever?

Almost half (45%) of employees in the UK have hay fever, a survey by printing company Instantprint found. Of the employees surveyed, three quarters (73%) of respondents believed employees should not...