It’s time to crown 2020’s HRD of the year

HR magazine is calling for nominations for the 2020 HR Excellence Awards HR Director of the Year shortlist

The HR challenges of combining three brands into one

Virgin Money’s group HRD had the tricky task of fusing three brands together to create a new type of bank. She has changed reward, performance management, engagement and more

Use recognition to fight the January job hunt

January is the most popular time of year for employees to look for new jobs. As many as 37% more people apply for jobs in the new year, and up to 40% more actually apply for jobs in January than other...


Ensure a rewarding 2020

Let 2020 be the year you review and reinvent your pay framework to ensure it is aligned with your business’ direction and purpose

Two-fifths of customer service employees looking for new job

The new year is predicted to encourage nearly 40% of customer service workers to look for a new role

Combining past and present at L’Oréal

L’Oréal’s UK and Ireland HRD Paul Gilliam explains how the company is making the most of its heritage while ensuring the organisation and its employees are fit for the future of the beauty industry

BAME and LBT+ women feel excluded from company decision-making

Despite increased efforts to champion D&I, research finds that many minority groups still feel underrepresented in decision-making processes at work

HRD's pocket guide to... product management

The HRD’s pocket guide series offers an explanation of areas outside day-to-day HR that business-savvy HRDs need to have a handle on

One common goal: HR at Everton Football Club

Everton is known for being a family club so HR was redesigned to help better reflect this stance among employees

CIPD annual conference round-up: Day two

What the HR magazine team learned on day two of the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition

Progress on gender pay gaps too slow

Recent ONS figures, this year's looming Equal Pay Day and high-profile equal pay disputes all highlight the urgent need to tackle ongoing gender pay and bonus gaps and unequal pay

The Companies (Miscellaneous Reporting) Regulations 2018

?These came into force in January 2019, with most reporting generally beginning in 2020 (apart from CEO pay ratios)