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Remote employees feel they lack recognition

A fifth (20%) of UK workers feel they get less recognition for the work they do since they started working remotely.

This is despite the extra hours employees have worked since the pandemic began, with over half (55%) admitting to working more hours  when at home.

Nick Goldberg, founder of coaching platform Ezra where the research comes from, said that part of the reason why workers may be feeling under appreciated is that many of the factors usually associated with satisfaction cannot be replicated remotely.

He said: “Workplace benefits, social interaction, the competition of the workplace or the buzz of an office, these are all things that we’re starting to realise we do actually miss to some extent.”

Rachel Nott, senior training consultant at recruitment company Optima UK, added that without the office environment or peer recognition employers risk making workers feeling isolated.

Speaking to HR magazine, she said: “One of the key issues around remote working is that it can create higher levels of social isolation and blurs the lines between work and home.

“Both of which are known contributors to poor mental health.”

Communication and clear leadership, she added, are critical to creating a culture of inclusion and recognition.

"There also need to be interventions in place to facilitate social interaction, whether that’s team lunchtime Zoom catchups, buddying up so that individuals always have a team member to keep in touch with or even arranging outdoor social activities over extended lunch breaks now that lockdown is easing,” she said.

The majority (72%) of survey respondents said they feel they have received the same amount of recognition remotely as in the office. Yet just 8% said they felt they have gained more recognition working remotely.

The survey of 1,085 UK office workers was carried out by coaching platform Ezra on 8 April 2021.

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