Remuneration committee

Harnessing pay inequality to increase employee trust

Of all the issues they face, those related to workplace pay inequality can be the hardest for managers to deal with. Pay is an important way to encourage career progression, and to reward those with...

FTSE 100 companies fail to address executive pay disparity despite pandemic cuts

The CIPD and the High Pay Centre have called for the reformation of FTSE 100 remuneration committees (RemCos) following the results of their latest executive pay report.

The Companies (Miscellaneous Reporting) Regulations 2018

?These came into force in January 2019, with most reporting generally beginning in 2020 (apart from CEO pay ratios)

Back to basics... Awarding bonuses

Our back to basics series brings you top tips from industry experts on the bread and butter areas of HR

Corporate governance and exec remuneration at Thomas Cook

Questions need to be asked about whether board members had the best interests of the company at heart

Executive pay: Is RemCo discretion the answer?

Demonstrating that RemCos understand the wider workforce’s pay packages, powers to exercise discretion, and a willingness to act may go a long way towards addressing high pay issues

Fat Cat Friday: Does HR only have itself to blame?

While poor corporate governance and boards have been blamed for the CEO-worker pay gap, HR should look to its own management processes and ask if employees as a whole are losing out

Revised corporate governance code proposes wider RemCo remit

The FRC consultation also includes plans to require firms to publish their executive gender balance and on worker representation on boards

We need to connect CEO pay to total stakeholder value

Executive pay is broken. Can we fix it by linking remuneration to total stakeholder value?

HR’s role in governance: A chairman’s view

Having an HR director who encourages a culture of empowerment, rather than worrying about being on the board, is very important

RemCo effectiveness a challenge for firms

A report from the Performance and Reward Centre identifies key issues facing UK plc Remcos and lessons for boosting effectiveness.

The evolution of executive pay

Media and shareholder scrutiny, coupled with regulatory changes, mean executive pay has become increasingly complex