Organisational psychology

Ontological security at work

Ontological security is a relatively new framework in the area of psychology. Until the early 90s it was generally believed that humans were primarily concerned with physical security before anything...

How to break habits to create new ways of thinking

A desire for self-improvement is a very natural human trait, particularly when it comes to wellbeing.

Leading by example

'Lead by example' is one of those oft-touted, but much less often enacted phrases used in management. HR, legal, and compliance professionals spend a lot of time crafting policies which set the rules...

Employees need space to redefine themselves after a restructure

?HR must be mindful of the impact organisational change will have on employee identity.

Beyond ‘race washing’ - how to make sure your business is a race ally

Research in social psychology suggests that, at a very primal level, the human default position is to congregate into groups that afford us safety. Our natural reaction is to reject the unfamiliar, in...

The fresh start effect: forgetting old behaviours when heading back to the workplace

?With many employees now working from home due to the coronavirus crisis, most businesses have had this unwelcome change thrust upon them.

The psychology of remote working: will you thrive or survive in a remote world?

There has been a considerable focus on the practical elements on remote working recently, from setting up an office to getting to grips with video conferencing. However, there has been a growing...

How HR leaders have responded to coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has meant HR leaders have had to step up to the challenging job of ensuring their company’s people are cared for.

Top tips for making impactful decisions

It's vital leaders are able to trust their employees, be honest and delegate power

What makes a high-potential remote worker?

Remote workers still need traditional HR processes such as performance management to be at their most effective and engaged

Emotional intelligence – the new skills gap

Employers want to hire people with emotional intelligence skills but candidates aren't listing them on applications

Balancing trust with control noted as key challenge for employers

Striking the balance between trust in your employees and an inherent need for control is a challenge for organisations when it comes to flexible working and autonomy in the workplace