The evolution of the interview

The past two years have been anything but normal for recruitment. From video calls and virtual onboarding to online applications and remote working, HR teams need to adapt rapidly to the changes and...

Opening up the neurodiversity conversation in recruitment

Neurodiversity is often likened to an 'invisible disability, with many of its conditions being physically unnoticeable to the general population. This commonly means it receives less attention than...

Stay interviews: how to prevent internal talent from flying the coop

Reports of restless and disgruntled employees are soaring, and traditional retention tactics are not cutting it. The trusty exit interview is too little too late; surveys lack the rich detail needed...

Is it time to re-think the recruitment process?

It’s been a stressful time for HR. Since the announcement of lockdown back in March, the profession has had to switch its workforce to remote working practically overnight, place employees on...

Thinking that time is scarce can influence how you evaluate information

Anne-Sophie Chaxel, associate professor of marketing at HEC Paris, explains how the influence of a limited time perspective on hiring and promotion decision-makers can have a very detrimental effect...

Is the death of the interview nigh?

Employers love an unstructured interview but research shows it is one of the worst predictors of performance. So how might new tools do a better job?

Fifteen creative ways to hire – whatever your budget

Making a great hire needn’t break the bank. Here are 15 creative ways to find the right candidate whatever your budget

Five things we learned at Tipping Point 2019

HR magazine was the exclusive media partner for TALiNT Partners’ conference this year. Here’s what we learned

Age discrimination biggest obstacle to re-entering employment

People out of work want more guidance on the jobs they should apply for

Employers struggling with candidate experience

Only 70% of organisations provide every unsuccessful candidate with a rejection message, according to ?the Good Recruitment Benchmark Report

Hiring refugees makes business as well as ethical sense

Refugees are a largely untapped skills source, but legislation and workplace cultures pose barriers

Helping leadership candidates look the part

Tactful advice on workwear can make all the difference to a candidate when it comes to promotion to leadership positions