Internal communications

A higher level of performance for non-profits

In the final of a series of four articles, Vlatka Hlupic describes how the need for a highly engaging workplace culture is important for voluntary sector organizations

Leaders are failing to communicate with employees during coronavirus

Nearly half of employees say communication is the area their leadership most needs to improve during the coronavirus pandemic

Lack of clarity and uncertainty prompting workers to break furlough rules

Unclear guidance could be causing workers to break furlough as nearly 7 in 10 workers in a Censuswide study have admitted to checking their work inbox during their furlough period.

Don’t stay rooted in the virtual world after lockdown – network

During these difficult times as we all get to grips with lockdown in an attempt to reduce the spread of COVID-19, face to face 'live' events have completely ceased

What leadership means in testing times

The greatest challenge is uncertainty about how Covid-19 will develop and its impact.

HR responds to COVID-19: Hertfordshire County Council

The ‘human touch’ has been fundamental to helping employees at Hertfordshire County Council respond to coronavirus.

Personal mobile phones used for work purposes

New research into the use of mobile and landline numbers has revealed that 77% of freelancers and business owners use their personal mobiles for business

Three tips for negotiating

There are three key things to remember when entering into any kind of negotiation

Back to basics... Away days

Our back to basics series brings you top tips from industry experts on the bread and butter areas of HR

Working from home costs employees £12 per month

Working from home accounts for £11.94 of UK employees’ monthly broadband bill

Employers slow to respond to home working requests

Research has highlighted the disconnect between employers’ and employees’ views on home working, as only 14% of UK office workers have been mandated to work from home full time during the Coronavirus...

Ensuring assertiveness is not seen as bullying

Where is the line between being 'passionate' and 'bullying'? Between 'expressing strong opinions' and being 'aggressive'?

Internal communications