Internal communications

How businesses can engage BAME employees

As chair of Amazon’s Black Employee Network (BEN) I have seen how vital it can be for organisations to engage black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) employees

CIPD 2018: Language of AI and automation spreads fear

A panel at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition discussed how AI and automation will help and hinder HR

Are you keeping up with pension communication challenges?

When it comes to planning for their financial futures employees need all the information, support and guidance they can get

HR immature on financial wellbeing

Speakers at an HR magazine and Neyber webinar warned that money worries are mounting for UK workers

How HR professionals can help prevent cyber attacks

Cyber attacks and data breaches are something all HR professionals should prepare themselves for

How HR can support employees’ mental health

Despite greater openness about mental health, the topic still remains a taboo in many workplaces

Getting to the heart of workforce wellbeing

The British Heart Foundation wanted to practise internally what it preaches externally when it comes to holistic wellbeing

Case study: Virgin Media’s employee voice structure

Employee voice is something Virgin Media takes very seriously

Lessons from Europe: Employee representatives at board level

The UK, together with nine other European Union (EU) countries, has no legislation requiring companies to have board level employee reps

Breaking the silence: Employee voice

Employees want their opinions and concerns heard at a strategic level, but there’s no one-voice-fits-all method

The benefits of choirs for team building

Singing as an alternative team-building exercise offers several benefits

The power of networking

Building a professional network is easier for some than others. Organisations can give a helping hand

Internal communications