Internal communications

Communicating your benefits offering

Staff can take their benefits package for granted. Here's how to best communicate what's on offer

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It doesn't have to be lonely at the top

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Having a shared vision saved our organisation

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Employers struggling to engage employees

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EU nationals in the UK: Brexit and beyond

The government has announced its long overdue plan for EU nationals and their family members

Small and medium firms not prepared for a crisis

Even small firms can still be affected by a crisis, and HR can play a key defensive role

Employers don't understand what benefits workers want

18% of employees are dissatisfied with their package, and 50% think the offering isn't tailored to them

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Incorporating flexible working into your recruitment strategy

It’s vital to break down the perception that flexible working is linked to lower levels of employee commitment

Is HR inadvertently ‘silencing’ employees?

Employees 'speaking up' are doomed to failure when nothing has been done to address 'listening up'

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Internal communications