Employee engagement

Why HR needs to be aspirational not foundational

Employee experience (EX) matters. But what should we be doing in HR to really deliver excellence?


One in five Brits quit their job due to toxic culture

One in five (21%) Brits quit their job due to toxic workplace culture, according to Breathe’s Culture Economy 2020 report.

Furlough scheme deadline extended

The cut-off date for companies to apply to the furlough scheme has been extended

COVID-19: The critical questions that all HR departments must ask

In times of unprecedented crisis, business leaders often fall into the trap of jumping straight into ‘troubleshoot’ mode rather than ‘assess and analyse’.

High rate of employee confidence in business to get through pandemic

Seventy per cent of UK employees are confident their employers can get through the pandemic crisis, according to consumer intelligence firms Toluna and Harris Interactive

Network shortages during lockdown may make some people feel more isolated

Over the last fortnight, the COVID-19 crisis has forced organisations to suddenly shift their employees from working in the office to working from home.

Make sure your surveys aren't disengagement tools

Springing a pulse survey on your employees and then failing to feed back or act on the results quickly turns the survey into a disengagement tool

Employers struggling to provide workplace pensions

Ninety-four per cent of employers have reported facing challenges when providing a workplace pension according to a study by Smarterly

HR needs to act to protect employee engagement

Companies need to focus on employees’ emotions and keep their promises if they want to restore productivity and engagement, according to Gartner’s chief of HR research Brian Kropp

Radical transparency is needed in the workplace

Obstructing honest feedback will result in simmering disputes between different teams and departments, said chief executive and founder of ViewsHub Ab Banerjee

John Lewis cuts bonus to lowest level in decades

John Lewis and Waitrose staff will receive a bonus of just 2% in 2020, which is their lowest payout in 67 years

We must focus on individual not national productivity

The UK has a persistent problem with productivity. Recent statistics indicate that productivity is stagnant and its growth has been sluggish for the past decade or more

Employee engagement