Rachel Sharp

Everyone can be 1% better at their jobs every day

A focus on outcomes, "podium people", and marginal gains are key to creating winning behaviour


Turning toxic cultures around

Our webinar at the end of last year explored how toxic cultures are created and maintained, and what HR can do to tackle them

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Employee mental health pressures at highest-ever level

Mental health awareness has risen but practical support from employers is still falling short, our webinar found


Food for thought: HR at Kerry Foods

Kerry Foods’ staff were very loyal, but the business needed a collective people agenda to continue entrepreneurial growth


Microchipping staff: Sensible safeguarding or ethical nightmare?

Microchips could provide firms with valuable workforce data and improve accessibility. However, some are concerned it’s a step too far


Financial wellbeing webinar: Who's looking after the pennies?

Employees’ financial worries are growing so our webinar explored whether HR can and should be helping


The Internet of Things in the office and HR

How is technology such as the Internet of Things changing the workplace environment, and is there a danger it will go too far?


Should you 'do HR' for robots too?

With intelligent machines predicted to become more prominent in the workplace will they soon fall under HR’s remit?


Running innovation through the DNA of L’Oréal

Innovation runs through the whole employee lifecycle; from recruitment to succession planning to transforming ways of working


HR magazine tries... Testing personal creativity

Deputy editor Rachel Sharp finds out what her style of creativity is with Perspectiv’s VIEW tool


HR's role in organisational creativity and innovation

Innovation and creativity are becoming ever more critical to many organisations’ success. HR has the power to create the conditions most conducive to both


A postcard from... Mexico

Our 'postcard from' series keeps you updated on key HR areas in different countries