Dominic Bernard

Manager loses dismissal case over laddish 'Nerf gun war' culture

A senior IT professional who took her employer to tribunal for sexual discrimination has lost her case.


Reputations at risk due to lack of HR board representation

UK businesses are facing a “people insight deficit” that is putting their reputations at risk, the CIPD has said.


Clunky HR tech costing businesses 26 hours per employee

Poorly designed HR tools are damaging productivity and frustrating employees, according to new research.


Real wages rise for first time in 18 months

A sharp drop in the rate of inflation has given UK workers their first real-terms pay rise in 18 months.


Men more likely to go to tribunal than women

Employment disputes with male employees were significantly more likely to reach tribunal stage between 2011 and 2021 than those with female employees.


Horseback maternity meeting costs employer at tribunal

A groom has won a maternity discrimination suit against her employer, an Epsom Derby-winning stables, after one of her managers refused to dismount during a meeting about her return to work.


Aldi rolls out allyship training for all UK managers

Aldi has pledged to roll out allyship training for UK management staff in the next phase of its diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy.


Gen X leadership reflects liberal ideals and breadth of experience

Written off as disaffected and cynical in its youth, Generation X has long since proven its worth in business. But as Gen Xers take over the c-suite, how should HR make the best of a new generation of...


Ikea signs up to EHRC supervision after complaint

Furniture giant Ikea has entered into a legal agreement with the UK’s human rights watchdog after it was alleged to be mishandling complaints of sexual harassment and assault.


Bank of Scotland employee fairly dismissed for year off sick

An employee signed off work for almost a year was dismissed fairly by his employer, the employment tribunal has found.


Budget must get all ages involved in work, CIPD warns

Nearly a million (913,000) young people have been lost from the labour market over the last 30 years, according to CIPD analysis released today.


Work expenses driving employees into debt

More than two thirds (67%) of employees surveyed are having to pay for work expenses with their own money at least once a week, according to new research.