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Managers not being prepared for change

Less than half (47%) of organisations are adequately preparing leaders and managers to manage change


Young people misinformed about skills required to progress

What young people think they should be doing to grow their careers is at odds with employer expectations


State pension age review launched

Former director general of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) John Cridland has opened the consultation


Video: Doug Sawers on the importance of HR


Our video series explores the views of those who took part in this year's HR Most Influential rankings


View the gender gap as productivity gap

Many firms suffer a ‘glass pyramid’ effect with women concentrated in the lowest-paid roles


Employers not embracing flexible working

Flexible working was found to be the top benefit that people look for when considering a new role


Workplace digital tools stressful and confusing to use

The UK was found to be the most pessimistic country in terms of workers' digital confidence


Taxation is biggest source of queries to HR

Lifetime pension allowances were cut in April, generating questions for around 45% of HR departments


Government must end ‘conveyor belt’ approach to university

For a wide range of occupations alternative vocational routes are both possible and less costly, says the CIPD


Dame Kelly Holmes: Why you need a 'winning mindset' in business

Holmes believes her determination to succeed in sports can be applied to the business world


Why is maternity discrimination on the rise?

Unscrupulous employers may be taking advantage of new parents that can’t afford to challenge them


Younger employees more affected by workplace stress

50% of Gen Y workers reported heightened stress at work, compared with 44% of Gen X and 35% of Baby Boomers