A third of day lost to performative work, study finds

Almost one third (30%) of the UK worker's average day is lost to performative work that doesn’t contribute to company goals but is simply done to appear productive, according to a study from instant...

One in three UK CEOs would deny right to disconnect

More than a third (36%) of UK CEOs would vote against codifying the right to switch off in the country, according to research from Icompario.

Proximity bias stopping employers from finding new talent

Companies equating hard work with being in the office are living in the past according to Paul Hamer, CEO of construction company Sir Robert McAlpine.

Employers may need to pay presenteeism premium to lure workers to the office

Employers who want workers in the office more often may have to pay more to get them there.

Majority of UK employees unable to take sick days

More than half (52%) of UK full-time employees did not take a single sick day in the 12 months since February 2021.

Living with Covid and the end of isolation: employers risk excluding vulnerable

As all remaining Covid restrictions will be lifted in England from Thursday 24 February, how will employers keep vulnerable staff safe?

Mental health professionals ask employers to implement a right to disconnect

Almost half (45%) of employees have reported they feel they have to reply to work messages outside of working hours.

Young people working while mentally unwell

Two reports have suggested young people are more likely to work while mentally ill, with some fearing they'll be labelled 'snowflakes'

Worries about pay fuel presenteeism

The majority of people will still go to work when they are unwell out of fear of not being paid, according to research

Migraines denting UK productivity

?Migraines cost the UK economy £8.8 billion a year in lost productivity, research has revealed

Presenteeism at all-time high

Incidents of presenteeism have tripled since 2010, according to CIPD research