Four day week

New government sparks fresh hope for four-day week campaign

The change in UK government has sparked fresh hope among campaigners for wide-spread adoption of the four-day week, ahead of a new trial in the autumn.

Less than 2% of job ads offer four-day weeks

Just 1.61% of advertised jobs offer four-day working weeks in the UK, according to analysts at recruitment advisory firm StandoutCV. Is the four-day week overrated?

Four-day week continued by most trial participants

The largest global trial of the four-day work week has been deemed a success, as 89% of participating companies have continued adopting the practice a year on, research has showed.

Working hours still falling after four-day week pilot

Working hours have fallen from 34 hours to 33 six months since the end of the four-day week trial, according to a report by 4 Day Week Global.

Nine-day fortnight proves more popular than four-day week

More employers have implemented, or are considering implementing, a nine-day fortnight (28%), compared to a four-day week (22%), according to two new studies from recruitment company Hays.

South Cambridgeshire council ordered to end four-day week trial

The minister for local government, Lee Rowley, has told South Cambridgeshire District Council to end its four-day week trial, stating that it is unlikely to provide value for money to taxpayers and...

Bank holidays in May intensified workload for 67% of employees

Four-day weeks taken for the three bank holidays in May increased 67% of employees' workloads despite them benefitting from the extra time off, according to a survey from Liverpool Business School.

Four-day week trial hailed a success for businesses and workers

Nearly all of the companies that took part in a trial of the four-day working week have decided to keep the policy after finding a strong increase in wellbeing at no cost to productivity.

Businesses hail "transformative" four-day week pilot

All companies that participated in a four-day working week pilot across the US, Ireland and Australia are planning to stick with the reduced working week.

Legal pitfalls of the four-day working week

Employers considering a four-day working week should give careful thought as to how it is implemented in practice.

Four-day week pilot: success for majority at mid-way point

Businesses halfway through the UK’s first large-scale four-day week trial have reported improved productivity and are likely to continue it once the trial is over.

Small experiments may be better than high-risk pilot schemes

Organisations should look to move away from big-budget pilot schemes when trying to introduce new ideas into the workforce.