Employer responsibility

Uju Anya backlash on Queen tweet stokes debate on employer brand vs freedom of speech

Uju Anya, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, has faced controversy online after a series of tweets she posted expressing disdain over the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

How technology can help build fairer organisations

While the environment remains a key focus, truly sustainable companies must also consider their responsibilities in the broader social context.

Employers are still liable for home worker accidents

The previous 24 months have proved to be a challenging transitional period for many employees making the jump to working at home full-time.

Over a third of Brits would go into work Covid-positive

Almost four in 10 Britons (37%) say they are likely to go to work following a positive Covid-19 test result.

How HR can help hit the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Organisations of all sizes have a responsibility to do all they can to help to protect the planet, and the onus is on HR to drive change for good, says Claire Muir.

Chell v Tarmac: Court of Appeal denies vicarious liability for prank gone wrong

The Court of Appeal yesterday (12 January) upheld the High Court’s decision that building materials company Tarmac was not liable for injuries suffered by a member of staff as a result of an employee...

In-work poverty: All work and no pay

Work is no longer a route out of poverty for many UK employees. But how did we get here?