People with learning disabilities held back by bureaucracy

People with learning disabilities can offer unique skills to employers but are held back by bureaucratic policies and attitudes, according to Sally Butcher, managing director of social enterprise...

Employees take four mental health days a year

?Workers are taking an average of four mental health days a year but tell employers they are for physical ailments, according to research

Workplaces becoming increasingly politicised

As political divisions in the UK and US increase, talking politics at work is no longer as taboo as it once was

Quarter of firms have never interviewed a disabled person

More than half (52%) of HR leaders incorrectly believe the main reason disabled people don’t get jobs is because they lack the right skills or qualifications, according to Scope

Four ways to be an ethical AI business leader

At the 2019 CIPD Festival of Work speakers shared tips on how to ensure AI is helping to create meaningful work

MPs renew calls for gagging clause ban

The government must be clearer about use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), which are still regularly used to cover up harassment, according to a report by MPs

Firms failing on women in leadership mentoring

Three-quarters (75%) of female leaders do not believe their organisation runs an effective women in leadership mentoring programme, according to research from Reed

Over half of BME Brits told to be 'more realistic' about careers

Over half (55%) of ethnic minority people in the UK have been advised to be more realistic about their career goals by those who influenced their career, according to Equality Group

Age discrimination rife in the workplace

Employers who overlook the skills of older workers will face talent shortages, the Centre for Ageing Better has warned

Half of workers think they're being monitored by bosses

Workers worry bosses will use surveillance data to set unfair targets, micromanage them and take away autonomy

Opening up about depression boosts productivity

?Employees able to speak openly about their depression with managers are more productive, according to the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)?

Highlights from the Stonewall conference

The 2018 Stonewall Workplace Conference focused on what employers can do to become true LGBT allies