HR needs to do more to help employees during the cost of living crisis

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One third of ethnic minority workers can no longer afford their bills

One third of workers from ethnic minority backgrounds in the UK are no longer able to pay their bills, rent or mortgage each month due to the cost of living crisis.

Money worries push employees to consider suicide

Labour MP Yvonne Fovargue calls on employers to take more responsibility for employee financial wellbeing as research shows a link between debt and mental ill health

HR not confident on financial wellbeing

While noting a rise in financial wellbeing issues among employees, HR professionals don't feel confident about how to tackle this

25 million affected by money worries at work

Almost all UK employees (94%) have money worries, with 77% saying it affects them at work, according to research from Close Brothers Asset Management

Debt, separation and bullying top mental health concerns

Employers were asked about the main issues around poor mental health of their employees

Poor financial wellbeing costs UK businesses £1.56 billion

UK workers take four million days off a year because of financial concerns, while those who suffer at work can lose up to two hours of output each day, according to research from Aegon

Young employees reliant on borrowing money

Young people are dealing with spiralling debts and rising stress over finances, according to research by Neyber

Third of young women still don't know how to report harassment

Despite gender pay gap reporting and #MeToo, women still face inequality in pay and significant mental health concerns at work, finds the Young Women’s Trust

Younger staff hit by company expenses

In the face of slow wage growth and high debt, ?Generation Z employees find being out of pocket from expenses unfair

Employees struggle to meet living costs

Research from Thomsons Online Benefits finds that employers are not providing enough support to employees with financial issues