Constructive dismissal

Weetabix loses constructive dismissal case over ‘bullying’ boss

A former Weetabix employee has won his constructive dismissal case against the cereal firm after he resigned twice over his boss’ profane management style.

M&S worker wins tribunal claim after refusing to relocate

A former Marks and Spencer (M&S) employee has won a claim of constructive dismissal against the retailer after he resigned due to being forced to move to a different store.

When is a resignation actually a dismissal?

When faced with a difficult situation, or troublesome employee, the pressure on HR to fix it can build, causing damaging radiation of tension throughout the business.

Should socio-economic background be a protected characteristic?

Socio-economic background is not a protected characteristic under the Equality Act. This means if people face discrimination because of their class, or assumptions made about it, they do not have the...

HR reluctant to cut sick pay for unvaccinated

Despite a recent increase in firms, including Ikea and Next, opting to cut their above-Statutory Sick Pay for unvaccinated employees, many HR professionals seem wary of potential discrimination.