Three ways to fight for gender equality in an economic crisis

Amid soaring energy prices, high inflation and weakened consumer demand, speakers at the FT Women in Business Summit Europe on Tuesday (13 June) discussed how to empower resilient female leaders. 

Aldi rolls out allyship training for all UK managers

Aldi has pledged to roll out allyship training for UK management staff in the next phase of its diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy.

Becoming an actively anti-racist workplace needs more than just allyship 

Following the murder of George Floyd over two years ago and the subsequent Black Lives Matter protests that shaped movements around the world, society is waking up to the systemic and institutional...

A third of UK employees feel LGBT+ support stops at Pride

Some UK companies have been accused of only supporting the LGBT+ community during Pride month.

Six tips for being a good workplace ally

To be a true ally means taking on the struggle of an oppressed group as your own, carrying the weight felt by those in a marginalised group and never putting it down