Period stigma costing UK business billions

A lack of period polices is costing UK businesses over £6 billion a year, as women still feel unable to discuss PMS in the workplace.

Tax exemption for occupational health could boost wellbeing

?The John Lewis Partnership has called on the government to make all occupational health services tax-free, to encourage employer investment in workers' health

Poor financial wellbeing costs UK businesses £1.56 billion

UK workers take four million days off a year because of financial concerns, while those who suffer at work can lose up to two hours of output each day, according to research from Aegon

Employee ill health linked to low savings

A third of UK employers (34%) think that employees' high stress levels are a consequence of not having enough savings, according to Close Brothers

Worries about pay fuel presenteeism

The majority of people will still go to work when they are unwell out of fear of not being paid, according to research

Migraines denting UK productivity

?Migraines cost the UK economy £8.8 billion a year in lost productivity, research has revealed