HRMI 2022: Aggie Mutuma, CEO, Mahogany Inclusion Partners

Aggie Mutuma is the CEO and lead consulting director of Mahogany Inclusion Partners. She is a passionate, award winning inclusion and anti-racism expert, people leader and executive coach with a track record of supporting organisations as they build cultures where everyone can thrive.

Mutuma works with executives and people leaders to deliver diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism strategies. Cross industry organisations she has supported include global FTSE100 organisations, consultancy firms, retailers, third sector and public sector organisations.

She has taken executive teams and their organisations through transformational change by combining her deep strategic thinking and compassionately challenging coaching approach, which creates psychologically safe spaces for reflection, behaviour change and inclusive cultures.

Mutuma also advises the CIPD, supporting the profession on diversity and inclusion and racial equity matters. She is also an engaging speaker, illuminating audiences across industries and professions.

Mutuma is known for an authentic and candid approach which creates a psychologically safe environment for open sharing and growth. She is passionate, inquisitive, and has a naturally coaching style which makes her an effective safe space facilitator and instigator of mindset and behaviour change.


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