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Workplace harassment on the increase, says XpertHR

Workplace harassment is not a thing of the past and is on the rise, according to an XpertHR survey.

It showed that 83% of employers have reported at least one case of harassment or bullying the past two years.

The survey claims this shows an 11% rise since 2006, with line managers being the most likely perpetrators, and sexual harassment reported as frequently as physical intimidation or offensive emails.

Where organisations fail to be effective in tackling bullying and harassment, it is most likely to be due to a lack of trust in the reporting and investigating process, claims the survey.

It can also come from poor examples set by senior leaders, lack of line manager training, no clear policy, or poor awareness of the issue among employees.

Caroline Wolff, author of the report, said: "The research found that bullying and harassment can seriously undermine many areas of working life.

"However, giving managers appropriate training, and running employee awareness campaigns can effectively reduce the problem."

Below is a video by Valerie Cade, founder of website bullyfreeatwork.com

The online research was carried out in September 2012 from over 1,000 responses from HR professionals in 160 oragnisations.