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Vadafone Qatar to introduce a leadership programme to improve cultural relationships


Vodafone is poised to launch a leadership programme to help 65 senior managers at its operating company in Qatar to lead more effectively by minimising misunderstandings and cultural conflict.

Called Leading and Succeeding in Emerging Markets, the programme, provided by Kenexa, will provide behavioural guidelines and practical examples to help the leaders, who are predominantly Western expatriates, to embrace diversity, improve working relationships, create a more conducive work environment and enable higher levels of performance.
Grahame Maher, CEO of Vodafone Qatar, said: This is an incredibly useful and enlightening programme. It’s about embracing and celebrating differences and it shows how ex-pats and local nationals can build bridges and work together more effectively. It not only gives our leaders the tools to lead in an emerging market environment, it also reinforces the importance of diversity and inclusion in our business.
The course highlights the different values and backgrounds that Westerners have compared with employees from emerging markets. It explains the implications of these differences and shows how leaders can achieve greater impact and manage their teams more effectively.
Rachel Laws, head of culture and leadership at Vodafone Qatar, added: Out of 300 staff here we have 40 nationalities, so our employees have different needs, different personal values and different expectations about leadership and performance. We asked Kenexa to design two programmes for us that would encourage our employees to understand, respect and work with these differences. Kenexa is a global specialist in employee-related issues and they have extensive experience in emerging markets and leadership.

We’re evolving from a start-up to a stage of operational excellence. The Kenexa programmes are playing a part in helping us to manage this transition by changing people’s perspectives, and we believe Kenexa will help us to be even more successful in our marketplace.