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Updated: Metropolitan Police computerised HR system is running late and over-budget


A computerised HR system designed to save funds for the Metropolitan Police is six months late and 10 million over-budget.

The Met planned to spend £38 million on the new IT system for its HR department but, according to BBC reports, the project, planned to save £15 million a year, is now expected to cost £48 million and to be launched in the second half of 2010, although no exact date has been set.

The system, which is being provided by Steria, is expected to result in 330 job cuts in the HR department.

Martin Tiplady, HR director at the Metropolitan Police, told HR magazine: "Transforming HR is a major change programme. The original go-live date was provisionally forecast to be December 2009 but the technology is not yet fully developed.

"Progress is on track with a revised go-live plan forecast to be the second half of 2010. The project plan has been fully discussed and agreed with all parties, including the MPA. The revised budget was agreed in 2009. The total programme will cost £48 million delivering annual savings of £15 million.

"We envisage Steria delivering the products they have been commissioned to provide."

He added: "We have already delivered savings and are literally weeks away from testing the system - it is a major change and IT programme and I beleive it will do exactly what it says on the tin."