UK 'skill recycler' set up today – bridge skills gap by 'loan' of underused staff

Skill Exchange UK, an independent not-for-profit organisation has launched today. It is a service aimed at local employer 'skill recycling', by facilitating local placements for underused staff into other firms that can benefit from the 'loan' of skilled staff at a low cost. The UK skills gap is the topic of today's free HR Lunchtime debate at 1pm.

Over the next three years, 100 local skill exchange hubs will be created based on travel to work areas across the UK. This will enable employers to share skills, offer work experience opportunities, share information and practical ideas that will assist capacity issues, improve staff development and retention, allowing more efficient deployment of people and skills.

The key objectives are to provide local customized skill exchange hubs to:

* Stop skills wastage and redundancy

* Develop and share skills locally

* Generate and exchange new ideas

* Champion new ways of working

* Provide development opportunities

Today at 1pm, HR magazine will host a live TV web debate, bringing together experts to discuss practical steps to transform the skills and productivity of the UK's working age population.

You can take part in the free debate through our interactive technology, with onscreen research providing statistical data, feedback and insight – as well as the opportunity of putting your questions to our experts

The debate will feature views from:

Mike Williams, director of people development at DeVere Hotels and Village Urban Resorts, on how the 6,000-employee group approaches skills development.

Dr Paul Sissons, senior researcher at the Work Foundation, on the scale of the problem and what employers need to do to address it.

Dereth Wood, director of operations at learndirect, on achieving cost-effective results through agility and flexibility in skills training.

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