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Skills gap: catch our HR Lunchtime debate on-demand

Last week, HR magazine hosted a live web TV debate on the skills gap in the UK. If you missed it you can now still register for free and watch it back on-demand.

The debate brought together experts to discuss practical steps to transform the skills and productivity of the UK's workforce.

You will also still be able to take part in the debate through our interactive technology with onscreen research providing statistical data, feedback and insight.

The debate featured views from:


  • Mike Williams, director of people development at DeVere Hotels and Village Urban Resorts, on how the 6,000-employee group approaches skills development.
  • Paul Sissons, senior researcher at the Work Foundation, on the scale of the problem and what employers need to do to address it.
  • Dereth Wood, director of operations at learndirect, on achieving cost-effective results through agility and flexibility in skills training.


To register and watch the debate click here