UK employees not being trained for most desired skills

Staff in the UK are not receiving training in the areas they feel are most valuable in the workplace, according to research by training specialists Filtered.

The survey of more than 2,000 UK employees suggests the skills workers value most are self-management (including time management and planning), attention to detail, problem solving, creativity and literacy.

However, only one in four employees report receiving training in these areas. Additionally, 85% say there is no compulsory training in their workplace.

Time and resources are the primary reasons for the lack of training, according to the report. Four in 10 respondents said they have been discouraged from taking training at work due to time pressures stemming from their workload. Almost one-third (31%) said that cost was the main factor holding back training programmes at their workplace.

Another part of the report looked at how confident employees had felt when leaving education for work. Eight in 10 university graduates said they felt well-prepared after leaving university, compared to 58% of school leavers.

Filtered MD and co-founder Marc Zao-Sanders told HR magazine building individualised training programmes is one way to combat the challenges around time and budget.

“Our research says that at the start of this causal chain, it’s a lack of worker time that is responsible for the lack of training,” he added. “It’s therefore vital that businesses find time and cost-effective ways of providing the right training for their staff. Technology and personalisation of learning materials are almost certainly going to be a big part of the solution to this important problem.”