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UK employees keen to move closer to work, Goodman survey of 1,000 suggests

As many as 831,239 UK office workers are planning to move closer to their workplace, according to research from office development property group Goodman.

With UK workers being forced to pay higher rail fares and faced with some of the longest working hours in the world, workers are seeking a better work life balance, as well as a reduction in the cost of commuting.

The research among 1,000 UK office workers about their moving intentions over the next 12 months found that one in 10 is planning to relocate simply because they want to be closer to the office.

Twice as many men than women stated that they are considering moving. And a quarter (23%) of those that are planning to move are under 34- showing their willingness to be mobile in order to land jobs.

Over half of the office workers that are willing to take the plunge to move will be doing so within the next 12 months, while a further one in ten is taking a longer term view and expects to move within 5 years.

The top three mobility hotspots - areas where there will be most movement over the coming months - are London where 13% of the workforce are planning to move; Midlands (10%) and the South (8%)

Jim Johnston, MD of Goodman UK Business Parks, said: "In the future, people will increasingly be working, living and playing in one area, so UK office catchment areas are shrinking. This highlights the importance for employers and developers to choose business locations carefully and consider the impact it has on their employees. We'll continue to monitor this trend as we expect that it will have an impact on future community working and living habits."