UK business leaders get vote of confidence from HR professionals


Business leaders in multinational organisations are the most ill-prepared to do their jobs while leaders of UK companies are best-equipped to weather the economic downturn.

According to business leadership consultancy DDI, only 41% of leaders globally are satisfied with the development training they receive and three quarters of organisations around the world do not measure the effectiveness of their leadership programmes.

In addition almost half (46%) of organisations worldwide do not offer leaders training when they change roles.

UK leaders came out top in the survey, with 44% of HR staff rating UK leaders as very good or excellent, compared to 37% globally. Also, 49% of the UK's HR professionals have high confidence in their leaders compared to 35% worldwide. More than half (58%) of UK businesses have systems in place to spot potential leaders while worldwide the figure is 50%.

And in the UK 55% of staff on high-potential programmes are happy with their development compared to 37% globally.

Steve Newhall, vice president Europe for DDI, said: "In a time of global economic uncertainty it's encouraging to see that the UK's business leaders are receiving better support in their roles than their global counterparts.

"When times get tough, leadership skills are really put to the test and organisations with the right quality and quantity of leaders will weather the storm better than those less well- prepared. In the face of pressure to reduce costs, organisations must remain firm in their commitment to invest in leader assessment and development," he added.